ISU Chancellor Prof. Ehrenfreund Strongly Involved in Campus Activities

On 24 January 2019, on her way back from a conference in Brussels on the economic aspects of space activities, ISU’s Chancellor and Head of the German Aerospace Center, Prof. Pascale Ehrenfreund paid a visit to ISU to remain informed on outstanding issues.

EhrenfreundVisit2At this occasion she also met local partners in Strasbourg to discuss potential cooperation. This way, the International Space University ISU played again an important role as an independent platform facilitating such discussions.

At a meeting with ISU management and faculty, interfaces between ISU and DLR were further discussed, and dates of her presence at ISU events (in particular Space Studies Program SSP and Master of Space Studies MSS) were agreed.

After this, she gave a lecture to the MSS class on the topic of ‘Exploration of our solar system’. As a well-known astrobiologist, it was evidently no surprise that emphasis was put by her on the search for the origin of life.

At an informal ‘meet-and-greet’ she had a talk with the participants and the staff, and left a recording with her thoughts. This way enriching the growing collection with eminent space specialists linked to ISU.

The recording of this short talk can be found here.