ISU Representatives Awarded World Famous Legion of Honor

France's highest decoration, the Legion of Honor, or "Legion d'Honneur", was recently awarded to two representatives of ISU for their outstanding and many years of service:

  • Alain Wagner, MSS98 and ISU Trustee
  • Walter Peeters, President Emeritus of ISU

By decree of the President of the Republic of France dated 31 December 2018, taken from the Prime Minister's report and endorsed for execution by the Grand Chancellor of the Legion of Honor, are raised to take rank as “knights” of the National Order of the Legion of Honor:

  • Alain Wagner.  Alain graduated as an aerospace engineer. He held various positions at CNES (French Space Agency), the European Commission and Airbus Defence and Space where, since 1st October 2018, he is Vice-President for Marketing and Sales, Head of Institutional Space Business. He took the International Space University’s Master of Space Studies program and graduated in 1998. He has been a member of ISU’s Board of Trustees for nearly twenty years.
  • Walter Peeters. Walter is a Belgian engineer, economist and professor. After initial activities in the construction and petrochemical industries, he joined the European Space Agency in 1983. He was the president of ISU for the last seven years. As President Emeritus, he currently works with the local authorities to promote space activities in the Eurometropolis of Strasbourg and to position ISU as a space incubator in the region of Alsace.

These nominations can be found in the official journal of the French Republic.

On page 11: "M. Wagner (Alain, René, Robert), vice-président dans un groupe industriel d’aéronautique et de défense; 33 ans de services."

On page 19: "M. Peeters (Walter, André, Regina), de nationalité belge, président d’une université internationale spécialisée dans le domaine spatial; 46 ans de service."

legionhonneur2The red-ribboned, five-prong medal was first created by Napoleon Bonaparte in 1802 as the dust settled from the French Revolution. The egalitarian-minded revolutionaries abolished all the orders of chivalry that were linked with the nobility — and the feared general created the new system of awards based on merit, not social status.

ISU President Juan de Dalmau addressed his congratulations to Alain and Walter and said “The Legion d’Honneur is well deserved by both Alain and Walter, and a wonderful recognition also for ISU.”