MSS TP Literature Review and Orphans of Apollo – an ISU Tether Day

Sonal Baberwal and Kwasi Nkansah report on “one of those days”, part of the International Space University’s Master of Space Studies curriculum at ISU central campus!

“Today was team project literature review presentation day, but It may have well been called ISU Tether Day. The day began with amazing presentations where students and faculties bridged gaps in the orbits of their minds in the fields of Medium Earth Orbit Tethers, and then Integrated Telecommunications.

Weeks of hard work, leading up to today were evident in the two 60 minute presentations given. A true testament to the knowledge obtained was shown as the two teams of 20 students spent 30 minutes answering questions from members of the faculty.

After the presentations we gained deep knowledge on tethers by the detailed presentation by Pierre Brunner from the European Space Agency.

The tale does not end here! Students were pleased to enjoy the last school hours of 2017 before the Christmas break by watching the movie “Orphans Of Apollo” created by the amazing director, producer and ISU SSP88 alum Mr. Michael Potter.