SES Satellites Welcomes ISU MSS18 in Luxembourg

Master of Space Studies (MSS18) participant Rami Ibrahim reports back on a recent professional visit of the entire International Space University (ISU) MSS18 class to SES Satellites in Betzdorf, Luxembourg.

“This visit gave the participants a chance to know more about SES Satellites Operator company, which includes an introduction and lecture about the company, visit of the technical facilities, and business strategy simulation, and a good opportunity to let students discuss their internship with the SES team.

On Monday, 15th January 2018, ISU students left the university at 7:00am with the ISU faculty team by bus and during the trip, the faculty distributed hard copies to the ISU students to read and have an idea about the business strategy simulation that will process at SES Satellite, until reaching SES at 10:20am.

The SES team was waiting for ISU, and started providing an access and badge for all students. The SES host, Manager of global institutional products welcomed the group and started with a presentation on civil and humanitarian satellite opportunities and applications, ended with questions and answers.

The lunch break started at 12:30pm and the internship opportunities discussion started as well with the SES team. After lunch. All the participants then went for a tour of the SES technical facilities starting with; Teleport Earth stations, Satellite Operations Centre, Satellite Operation Centre of O3b fleet, Network Operations Centre for monitoring of TV Channels, Payload and Control Centre, and whilst visiting the technical facilities ISU students and faculty took some photos for memories. This visit ended with a business strategy simulation. After that, students prepared for leaving the SES Satellite building.

The ISU crew hopped back on the bus to leave SES Satellites, reaching Strasbourg at 9:00pm. Another informative and reach day thanks to ISU!”